You can learn a lot about the equipment that’s available to you by talking to one of the Skills Instructors or Media Technicians, who are currently based in the reception at Ellen Terry. Craig is really good with computers and the like, Paul for any audio questions, and Becks for anything about Adobe and the kit in the Media Loans Shop. There’ll also be two new faces appearing soon! Make sure you’ve been added to the Media Loan Shop kit list, as some of you might need this for various coursework and assessment tasks.

Also make sure you sign yourselves up to the Skills Circle. This will allow you to network with people across the Faculty who might have skills that you need. So, for example, if you want to connect with actors, musicians, artists, designers, or need anyone else who may be able to help you, there’s a good chance you can share your own skills with them too!

Join the Skills Circle Facbook group.