Another year and another induction week has come and gone. So quickly too! We’ve had a flurry of activity as we welcomed the new starters to our exciting MA CCM. It was straight to business for the groups as they were given a pretty tough task – produce a live broadcast, magazine and blog post on a choice of four topics:

  •  What do new representations of femininity tell us about sexism in today’s world?
  • How can augmented reality change our perceptions of everyday life?
  • What does the concept of marriage mean in the age of celebrity?
  • Does the selfie have any value as a work of art?

Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! However the groups didn’t disappoint and delivered some truly outstanding work. Here’s a selection of some the stuff the groups put together.

Group 1 took on the augmented reality question with this clever broadcast:

They also produced this digital magazine:

Group 2 looked at the value of the selfie as ‘new art’:

Group 3 asked the question ‘is marriage dead in the age of celebrity?’:

Group 4 had an interesting take on the selfie as a form of art:

Group 5 took a multicultural view of sexism in cartoons:

Considering the short lead time groups had, this was some truly outstanding work! There were some very happy CCMers too:

The place to be indeed!