Following on from the Love, International lecture on the Transnational Subjectivity module, the groups were asked to produce an essay film on the topic of mail order brides. This was an opportunity to learn new skills and ways of telling a story using a format that can be quite difficult to master. The pick of the bunch was Rosie’s ‘You got me wide awake.’

Explaining the inspiration and thoughts behind the film, Rosie said,
“In my film I try to implicate emotions and show part of the complex way the discussed topics makes me feel. During the work process several major key moments stood out – the idea of change and transition, the desire to become someone else, the sense of losing authenticity, nature, self.”

With very little experience of video production and editing, it was a bit of a steep learning curve for Rosie but the entire process took her just 2 hours to complete! She went on to say: “I had never put my hands into video editing work before. Since the moment I heard about the task of producing a montage, I got quite excited to finally start developing new skills in the field. In the beginning it was a challenge to get creative in finding suitable footage, because I was thinking about the flow of the film. I ended up with a mixture of surprise and satisfaction!”

Check out Rosie’s film below and visit her blog here.