My name is Martine Bakker, I am from the Netherlands and I studied the MA Communcation, Culture and Media at Coventry University. I was always very much interested in storytelling, writing and filmmaking and to me it always seemed like a great adventure to study in a different culture. After my Dutch BA in Concepts and Brands I decided to move to Coventry because the university seemed very multicultural, the focus of the MA was on digital media and a British education would help me to become more confident in speaking and writing English.

Back then the MA took 18 months in which I learned about journalism, film, cultures, social media and different perspectives within media. Eventually I wrote my thesis about consumer-made documentaries: films created by material that ordinary people from all over the world shoot with their own camera. During the holidays I did an internship at BBC Birmingham, documentary productions company Blakeway Production in London and a company called Spectacle Productions in Londen. I also joined a university radio group and spent lots of weekends dancing to hiphop beats at club Iglu!

After I finished my studies, including the whole hat throwing graduation fun and internships, I moved to London. There I struggled a little bit to find a job, so I started working as a tour guide, but after while I found a job as an editor for music company Omnifone. I was responsible for creating playlists for streaming music websites and writing short stories about musicians. After a year I decided to move back to The Netherlands and started my own copywriting company called The Story Bakery. I scripted interviews for documentaries, wrote articles for magazines and wrote copy for all kinds of websites in a more fun tone-of-voice.

After that I found a permanent job as a journalist at a Dutch culture magazine and made reports about festivals, short videos, photographed bands, visited loads of museums, theatres, music venues and interviewed many great artists. Recently I’ve decided to quit my fulltime job to start working on my own business again. Now I write copy for brands, do interviews for magazines and help artists build their story. I learned a lot from my time at Coventry University, but as a media professional you have to keep up to date so I kept investing in workshops and practicing in real life. However the education that I gained from Coventry, gave me the tools to be more reliable as a storyteller.

Being a student at Coventry University, you will be faced with tough challenges like cultural differences, language struggles and being forced to go outside your comfort zone. It’s all very much worth it when you get your degree and realize how great the journey was. This experience was a great highlight in my life!