Playing video games as work? That’s what we got up to during the professional development week on our visit to ESL Gaming’s studio in Leicester. The company is one of the leaders in the emerging world of e-sports, broadcasting from a purpose built studio in an unassuming warehouse just outside the city centre. The studio hosts gaming tournaments complemented by a professional production team reminiscent of the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sport – it’s all fun mixed in with serious business.


Our visit was made all the more richer by the fact that CCMers were going to be taking the role of both crew and gamers with the entire production run as a typical tournament. The first day was production team training – getting to grips with the various roles needed to deliver the show. The roles to be filled included those of presenter, commentators, camera operators, floor managers, sound, lighting and the gallery crew. A steep learning curve lay ahead and everyone did an outstanding job.


The second day was the real deal. A team event that saw rivalries established early on in the proceedings and battle lines drawn. The aim was to play the addictively fun Rocket League game in a round robin format followed by an elimination round and an eventual final. Fierce competition? Check. Trash talking? Check. Fun? So much we didn’t want to leave! However there could be one winning team and in the end the final was a fairly one sided contest that saw the runaway winners hardly break a sweat. Check out the image gallery below to get a sense of how things a went. We can’t wait to go back!