Friday 19th of October, saw the return of CCM Sessions! In this week’s session, the September Starters delivered presentations based on “Morality in Advertisements.” We saw 4 presentations; one based on an advertisement of Dettol, one on a skin lightening product; Fair and Lovely, one about sexually exploiting women in advertisement and the last one was based on a protein shake advertisement that makes you ‘beach body ready’.

The common theme through most of the presentations was the immorality advertisements have towards women; whether it be through telling them they don’t look good enough, are overweight or by representing women as sexual objects.

The presentations sparked many question in the audience, resulting in fascinating discussions after each presentation. All the students were all very confident and showed a great amount of passionate for their ideas of morality. Everybody enjoyed presenting and we look forward to our next CCM Session, which will be very soon!

Don’t worry if you missed the last CCM Session, you can watch it below!

Welcome to our first ever #FacebookLive CCM Sessions: What Is Morality In Advertisement? Check out our September starters presentations! #CCMSessions

Posted by MA Communication, Culture and Media – Coventry University on Thursday, 19 October 2017