The MA in Communication, Culture and Media is an exciting, outward facing course that engages with the constantly changing shape of the media, and new ways of thinking, engaging and producing within these contexts. The MA allows you to create and analyse this media landscape through live project briefs, intellectually stimulating ideas and an international focus, which helps create agile and critical students who are better able to take hold of our globalized, networked media contexts.


In all elements of the course, students learn to put theory into practice at an advanced level through theoretically informed ideas that develop new accounts of the world around us. You will learn to engage with practice, whether in theory, research, or activity, in a way that is agile and responsive. Embedding this skill throughout the course will make you stand out.

You will also learn to think deeply, and engage with high level theoretical ideas that challenge what other’s take for granted. Through cross-over modules and a research/practice portfolio, you will learn to work in teams and independently, providing you with a broader understanding of the media landscape.

The course consists of the following mandatory modules:

  • Transnational Subjectivity
  • Screen Cultures and Selves
  • Exploring Digital Culture

The ethos of these modules is to allow you to reflect on your own position and place in the world. These ideas are then opened up through outward facing and international projects in your optional modules. Each year we offer three of the following:

  • The Networked Society
  • Transcultural Distribution
  • Contemporary Expectations
  • Cultural Labour
  • International Film
  • Embodying Method

All these modules build your professional profile by allowing you to engage in international research projects and live project briefs. In your final term, you will then pull all this learning together, completing the Research and Practice Portfolio through producing a piece of work that sits on the spectrum between research and practice.

During the course, there’s a range of ways that you can broaden your horizons and take part in a
more rounded learning environment. We also work closely with the CGE UK Work Experience team, who provide professional opportunities in a range of sectors, and have a series of external speakers through the Media Research Seminars Series. We have strong ties with the East Asian Film Society.